Tuesday, 5 March 2013

DMC - Devil May Cry Boots

 Hi everyone! So...you'll probably realise I'm not dead xD I haven't uploaded to this blog for ages because I have been quite busy lately, namely with my Assassin's Creed set part 2 as well as university stuff!

 But here I am, with a neat new download for you all, these are the exact boots from DMC - Devil May Cry, you can see on Kat. I really love them, especially the 3D detail. They are simple yet flawless!

These boots feature some 3D socks too which can be recoloured.  I hope you like them and enjoy! (I'll try not to go missing, but I'm soo busy hehe!).


Includes both sims3pack and package in compressed file, please install one.

Custom Content info:

3D Model/Mesh:

  • High level of Detail (LOD1) - Around 2000 Polygons
  • Medium level of Detail (LOD2) - Around 1000 Polygons
  • Low level of Detail (LOD3) - Around 500 Polygons

Texture Maps:

  • Hand drawn textures
  • All maps 1024x1024 px
  • All maps included e.g. specular, bump/normal map
  • Mask includes 3 colour channels

Other info:

  • For Y/adult females only
  • Custom Thumbnail included
  • Categorised for Everyday/Athletic/Maternity etc.

Get the look!

  • Hair by Newsea/Peggy/Cazy
  • Skin by Ephemera
  • Eyes by me/Shady
  • Make-up by Gosik/S-club
  • Clothes by EA Store/Icia/Juliana
  • Accessories by Tomislaw/S-club/MTS/Orange-sim


speedcat said...

wonderfull are they for teens too?

JS Sims 3 said...

OMG it's awesome !!

Sintiklia Sims said...

Very cute shoes!!!! Thanks for sharing! Did you made mesh? or Is it conversion from original game?

irKatty said...

Thank so happy to have such cute boots in sims 3(:

Anita ♦³ said...

thanks everyone :)

@speedcat, sorry only for YA/A
@sintiklia sims yup! direct conversion from original game :)

Angela said...

I love these boots, but when I ran the dashboard tool, it identified the file as being corrupt from bad ages. I also opened the sim3pack with the custard tool, and it said that these were enabled for both teens and adults. :/

Anita ♦³ said...

o.o that's odd xD well it's definitely not enabled for teens, and if it were for teens that would be okay anyway because boot meshes will fit adult and teen bodies whereas open-skin shoes need separate meshes so I don't think custard tool can differentiate between the two. :)

Don't worry it's not corrupt, I have been using it a lot with no issues so far!

Angela said...

That's good to know, thanks so much! Because I would die without these! I Love 'em!!!

Mura said...

Yours are definitely not the only boots falsely identified as "corrupted" by the Dashboard; Aikea's spiky boots are as well. Yet none of them create issues corrupted files would.

The Dashboard is likely outdated, which is normal since it's been years.

Anyway, great job Capital! Always so impressed with such works!

Kilhian said...

Actually I was curious and I opened the .package file with S3PE, I would have to check for .Sims3Pack but the package is for teens to elders :p
It's why Angela had a problem with the Dashboard.

Love the boots, thank you very much!

Dee Last said...

Ah! I love these boots..but whenever my sims wears them (with any pants) the pants mesh will override the mesh of the shoes. Is there a way to fix that? /:

Dee Last said...

*sorry for the double post* but here's an example of what I was talking about.. It only happens with pants. is there a way to fix this? -






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